Want your computer to work as fast as never before?

Want your computer to work as fast as never before?

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  1. Really Cool and Fast !

    Viewpoints - zoym - Jan 4, 2010
    I used win7 ultimate for a couple of months, its really cool and fast. I used windows 2008 before, and after I changed to windows 7, everything changes.
  2. LOVE IT.

    Viewpoints - melanieg678 - Nov 8, 2009 er3s56ty
    Pros: Great Performence; Hardware aware; Small footprint; Fast; Loads quickly; Easy to use; Many usable features; Uses less resources than Vista; Great for gaming
    Windows 7 is clean, simple and easy to use. its everything vista should have been! while running vista on my laptop i constantly recieved runtime errors, no more thanks to windows 7! i have only rebooted for installations and i've had windows 7 since oct 12th!  the only problem i had while installing was the fact that i had to reinstall the drivers for my graphics card, not a huge deal as the drivers are redily avaiable on the toshiba website.
    I love the snap feature with the browers, although i still find myself flicking between tabs.
    windows 7 is a excellent stable operating system, much like XP but WAY better. its easy to upload photos, videos and burn cds. i was thinking about switching to mac until windows 7 came into my life, now i have no reason to switch to a more expensive machine! im loving windows 7 and i have recommened it to friends and family and will keep doing it! great job microsoft, you finally did it. Click Here Our Price: $99.95
  3. Windows 7 is not compatible with printers, etc.

    Viewpoints - JohnRMarler - Oct 24, 2009
    MACS now have a true challenge from Microsoft for ease of use and "coolness" - maybe the ads will now show the MAC guy as a schmuck.
  4. loveit

    Viewpoints - BrandonPaul - Oct 19, 2009
    Pros: Loads quickly; Uses less resources than Vista
    I love windows 7 and Office Professional 2007 $69



  5. whooo hoo windows 7

    Viewpoints - endeliz - Oct 11, 2009
    Pros: Easy to use; Fast; Many usable features
    Windows 7 the successor to Vista( thank GOD  that is gone )

    Wow.....not much else i can honestly say but WOW .
    Very smooth stable system Ihave used 5 versions now. EVERYONE COOLER THAN THE LAST !
    RC , RTM  ( is the same as what i have installed right now ) ...Black Extreme..Black Eternity and just the other day have recieved my Ultimate  Signature edition from House party ( loads of cool  free stuff from them ) .all have been the 64 bit on my desktop ( gateway dx430x)  and on my m series gateway laptop i have used the 32 operating system ..well worth the price to have a computer that actually works right !!!
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