Tusuk Jelangkung

Title : Tusuk Jelangkung
Main character : Rea (Marceella Z), Zacky (Iqbal R), Visi (Dina Olivia), Marcell (Sammy), Unay (AA Gde Wipra), Dudung (Thomas Y Wawilis), Zul
Supporting : Pak Sakimin, Hostes Bunting (Feni), Tiroh, Turah.

“Tusuk Jalangkung”
Par 1
Beginning from to do something Rea is playing Jelangkung in house she boyfriend, Zacky. But, the playing to call soul it, so long result, when soul’s is to call not will go home and they direct disturb. Not stand disturb, then they tell to Zack brother, Zul. Zul to suggest to giving help withe, Pak Sakimin. Pak sakimin is some one help Ferdi cs in Jelangkung 1 from disturbance gost little boy and Suster ngesot. Clear disturbance it, naturally still there are joint it with Tusuk Jelangkung which not yet to draw by Ferdi, from grave the little boy in Angker Batu. Marcell to lead team. Marcell is the friend Zull which sympathy with Rea, Zacky, Visi, Dudung, Unay. They to leave to Angker Batu.

Par 2
Adventure horrible the start. Until in Angker Batu, Marcell to divide to become two part then, they search where Tusuk Jelangkung. Finally, Rea result find it. Then, Rea to call Zacky and Zul. Finally Zul to fake it with feel afraid. They then go home to Jakarta. But disturbance direct advanced. But more serious. To obey withe which can communication with soul, they must to meet some one in Parang Getih, called Tiroh. But, they only give time three day. With walking search Tiroh, they following by souls. Except soul little boy and several gost which ever there are in Jelangkung 1, they also meet gost hostes bunting, which as usual visible street in side Pantura Region. The girl black long hair to burst, wear white long dress with stomach little fat, this is gost which appear more hottible. As it is said, information it earlier gost it is to rape, to kill, and cropse to throw away in Pantura.

Par 3
Until in Parang Getih, they to meet Tirah. This is the old boy which to become padlock open curtain secret and jelangkung mysterious. From result communication with soul little boy, to following Tiroh, Rea and friends can free from disturbance gost’s. But they must to stab in grave with time brief. When they to exceed time limit, they will to follow it during 36 years. Finally, they able do it and they safe but Zul gone.

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